Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the HoCo Club Lacrosse Program?

HoCo Club Lacrosse is a highly competitive club lacrosse program that practices and competes throughout the year.  The coaches are highly qualified and experienced and have played and coached competitively at the youth, high school, college and professional level.

2.  What is included in the HoCo Club Fees?

The following are included:

A.  Spring Club League (youth teams only):  8-10 games in the spring, 1 game per week (on Howard County turf fields).

B.  Summer Tournaments:  4 or 5 tournaments depending on age group.  High School teams will play in 3 recruiting showcases plus one other event during the summer.

C.  Practice Fields: Primarily turf, and some grass field time in Howard County for fall, spring, and summer practices.

D.  Fall Tournaments: 1 or 2 single day tournaments depending on age group.  High School teams will play in 3 recruiting showcases during the fall.

E.  Skills Training: In addition to practices, HoCo periocially conducts developmental clinics with guest coaches and players.  There is also a 3-Day Summer Overnight Skills Camp at Washington College.  Skills camp is for all age groups and provides specific skills training for all positions.  HoCo club fees subsidize approximately 1/3 of the cost of the camp.  The balance is paid by those who choose to attend the camp.

3.  What is NOT included in the HoCo Club Fees?

Uniforms:  HoCo redesigned its uniforms to substantially increase their quality and durability to allow for multiple years of use.  The cost of uniforms is NOT included in the club fees, as returning players may choose to wear their uniform for more than one year.  Players may also order replacement pieces of the uniform in the fall. 

4.  Am I required to attend all HoCo tryout sessions?

It is highly recommended that all players interested in making a HoCo team attend all tryout sessions, but it is not mandatory.  Missing a tryout session may adversely affect your chances of making a team.

5.  Where do you practice?

Practices are primarily on Howard County turf fields.  Some practices may be held on grass fields in Howard County.

6.  When and where are the summer tournaments?

HoCo plays primarily in local tournaments based in Maryland, but some travel is expected.  For example, last season our youth level teams played in the Beach Lax Tournament in Ocean City, MD and all of our teams played in Hogan's Hershey tournament in Hershey, PA. Tournament schedules for the summers are typically established by the late fall, and the summer tournament season usually starts in early June and ends by mid-July.

7.  How much does it cost?

HoCo is non-profit organization without salaries to a club program owner, and our club fees are typically less than half the cost of other competing club programs. HoCo club fees for the 2018-2019 season will be between $1,100 and $1,300.  Fees for High School teams are typcially higher. More information to follow.  

8.  Is attendance at all practices and tournaments mandatory?

Attendance at every HoCo tournament is not mandatory.  We carry larger rosters to account for some summer family vacations and other commitments.  However, it is expected that players will attend every tournament game and practice unless they have a significant conflicting commitment.

9.  Will there be practice in the fall of 2018?

Yes.  Coaches will schedule practices to prepare for the fall tournaments.

10.  When and how much do you practice?

Spring practices for youth teams are on Friday nights.

Summer practice days vary.  Teams practice 2-3 times a week in the summer.

11.  Can I play in the summer but not the spring?

We ask that you play both seasons.  However, in our experience this arrangement may work successfully for team and player in the right circumstances.  We will consider it on a case-by-case basis.

12.  Can I play in the spring but not the summer?

No.  Summer is the primary season for HoCo.

13.  Do I have to live in Howard County to play for HoCo?


14.  Who is coaching my team?

Coaches have been selected and are identified on our website.

15.  What should I bring to tryouts?

All of your lacrosse equipment, including a mouth guard.  You will receive a tryout reversible jersey.  Don't forget water!

16.  How are teams organized?

Teams are organized by school grade / graduation year.  However, some tournaments have age limitations that may affect team placement.

17.  How many teams will there be at each age group?

HoCo will have at least one team at each grade level for 4th through 11th grade.  There may be more than one team at a grade level.  This depends on how many players tryout and the overall talent level of the age group.

18.  How are teams selected?

Teams are selected through a two day open tryout process in the early fall.

19.  Does HoCo conflict with Cobra or other MYLA teams?

No.  HoCo works together with Cobra and other MYLA team schedules to avoid conflicts.

20.  Do you have a maximum roster size?

Yes. Rosters are capped at 21 field players, plus 1 or 2 goalies for a maximum of 22 or 23.  HoCo teams carry an average of 20 players per team.

21.  What makes HoCo unique?

HoCo Club Lacrosse is a non-profit, Howard County sponsored program without a profit driven motive.  HoCo provides high level coaching, organization, and facilities in exchange for very affordable dues.  We have preferred access to the best playing fields in Maryland.  HoCo's signature pink and black uniforms are also quite unique and very much enjoyed in the club lacrosse community!